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5 juillet 2008 6 05 /07 /juillet /2008 17:37
Il y a un webcomic que je lis régulièrement, racontant l'histoire romantique et raffinée d'un garçon célibataire au coeur sur la main (http://http://www.leasticoulddo.com).

Aujourd'hui, ils viennent de sortir une video absolument énorme sur l'air de Time After Time (Cindy Lauper). Je vous l'offre en exclusivité, avec les paroles car aucun sacrifice n'est trop grand pour moi.

Et puis bon, au point où j'en suis et maintenant que tout le monde me traite de monstre psychopathe, autant continuer sur ma lancée avec cette petite chanson sur la fellation.

Merci, merci.

Driving late at night
We hit a red light
And I look at you
Thought I saw something
My smile grew
Lean back
I relax
Get my belt undone
She sits there
I'm wondering
Where is the -

This time
You stare at me
Confusion there in your eyes
How is this unclear ?
You're watching my penis rise
Then I yell "go down,
It's almost green
And my pack's not yet clean"

But I bought you a meal and I drove you home
Where is the head ?
But by now I should be ejaculating
Where is the head ?

Rather than pleasure me
You question if I am hollow
My mind works differently
I'm wondering if you swallow
Sinking real low
I say to you:
"It's the right thing to do"

But I sat there all night and I heard your words
Where is the head ?
But I pretended to listen and even care
Where is the head ?

I say "go home"
My balls are blue
My hand will have to do

If you're going inside and you're leaving me
Where is the head ?
Could you send out your sister, introduce me ?
Where is the head ?
I don't think that should be xxx
Where is the head ?
My night is wasted, I need a hooker
Where is the head ?

There is the head.

Mais moi, ça me fait rire.

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Nakito 07/07/2008 11:37


HR 06/07/2008 15:22

Rayne en force :D :D :DLICD, best webcomic ever.

La souris blonde 05/07/2008 19:00

Le xxx à la fin, c'est "I don't think that you'll be reimbursing me".Ouaaah, ça c'est fin.

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